Sunday, October 2, 2011


underground arts magazine (as way of classifying it) sounds stupid. + I say we have an advice column. we can spilt it up on who advises on which area of life. I think it could be great. We could draw cartoon versions of our "what if therapist self" would look like, and use that as an icon of the person replying to the specific piece. nice nice nice

today we had a show on the topic of feeding african children.  the show more or less went off without a flaw, and i got to wear this pretty blue skirt. It was also really funny because we were introducing ourselves at the end of the show, and after my name was being called, the weird dj played an audible, pre-recorded crowd clapping clip... to say the least, he gives me a weird smile and i just turn to natalie and smile. It was funny.

since then i've talked to cyrus, pranked katelynn, and ate a plateful of  roasted potatoes covered in hummus and honey mustard. it tastes better then the mental image.

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