Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I kiss the wall of the shower and there lies an imprint of my of the tip of my nose and lips. I draw a quick face around it that resembles a piece of toast, and gigantic hair to add drama. True Story. It really is true Kenny G.

The one weekend that I was actually busy and I didn't get to see you. You You You. Do YOU like my lovely art? I made it for you in  celebration of this rap song totally dedicated Kenny g. It's hilarious, I've been fake dancing to it all day.
So how are things? How was your weekend? I completely died saturday night, and sunday and monday were just crazy. In theory I could have hung out with you post 7 on sunday, but I was too... something else/lack of words to even consider calling you up. I hope I didn't break your heart.
Recordings well went. I was grumpy saturday all day, but that's because I woke up at 6, and felt purposeless until after 8 when everyone else was waking up. Cd release party in december. I read half of that 130 year old book though. Trying to compare to to newer versions. I also successfully taught beer-o-mids to the band, and played it a couple times. I felt proud.

Here's the kenny g none stop music video

And to add a quiet note to the evening, heres another song that's just cute. The guys smile is inviting.

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