Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Every Saint Gets a Paid Vacation

Listening to indie rap. What a novelty! 
Right now I feel like I am forty and yet I am still sitting on the floor with the remnants of my sandwich dinner a twelve page syllabus for this seminar that looks pretty labour intensive. I guess my life has not gone as far as I thought it would in four decades. 
In my Renaissance class there is a Philosophy grade student named Matt who sits in sometimes. He has a prominent under bite. 
While sitting at a booth for UNICEF trying to encourage peppy first years to sign my sheet of paper I caught a glimpse of a guy I met in Mexico two years ago. I also saw a girl that I sat beside for two classes in first year Italian, though I can still remember her name and where she is from. 
I often wonder how other people deal with situations like that. You remember some one, you know exactly where from and yet its been so long that you feel weird about saying hi...
Today in my laundry room I found a bag of empty beer cans and one of those caps with the spinning wings attached to the top, helicopter style. Needless to say that I wore it for a while. The chinstrap was surprisingly loose.
I think what I need is some fresh air. Maybe fresh water. I miss the summer already. 
Sorry to be a downer. Not even sure if this is making sense. 
As a household we are making a concentrated effort to not be negative, to be pleasantly surprised at all times. Today I was pleasantly surprised when... 
I was invited over for birthday cake and batman cartoons for tomorrow evening.
Gonna have to prop my eyelids up with toothpicks if I'm going to finish this reading.

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