Friday, September 30, 2011


L Fucking V.
The disputed word was "irregardless" Which means NOTHING because IT DOES NOT EXIST.
Also you are lucky if I shave my legs twice in a month. Single and busy does not really equal time to shave legs.
Today at Breakfast I overheard a woman making fun of her present husband for getting confused on his new medication and trying to open the bathroom door, which he believed to be inside the mattress.
She also made me spend about 30 minutes taking pictures on the stairwell. What a turbo bitch.
I for one, have endless (baffling) energy and a few more dollars than this morning.
I went so far as to forget that people sometimes go to school on Fridays, even though I saw my bosses son this morning and we talked about the nasty things that go on in the kitchen of the Old Spaghetti Factory. I never see that kid.
Anyway, gotta go to campus to watch a delightful film with this Nazi chick who calls her self Laura

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