Saturday, August 13, 2011

we go hard, cuz we always on the grind (she replies with : oh really?)

Not much to say. The sun has been shinning and the bushes have been exploding with blackberries.So much so that I got to be on top of the garage a couple days ago and be picking them. I was wearing this dress though and just came from DA water. I don't recommend it. My mom made the best blackberry upside down pound cake the other day. It was gone in minutes. And it was gigantic. This weekend is just finishing up some stuff and we are playing at kidsfest tomorrow afternoon.  It's early now, but I think I'm going to finish up a chapter of work and then head down to the beach. Go for a little hike u know? I've been reading Plato's republic lately. 10 pages at a time.

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