Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Such a Gentleman tied to the Oceanside.

The first night that my co-worker slept with her boyfriend, he showed her the "What Would Penis Do?" video on youtube. Now she says if they had slept together on the first night that they met they probably wouldn't have ever got together.
I am sitting here watching a man bike away with a VCR that he found across the street. It may rain.
Dayne is coming to stay for a couple nights. Sabo is a nervous wreck, but she always is. I have begun to notice the mood in a room completely changes when she comes in it. It's like her whole world is a stage and everything she does is for the benefit of onlookers. No wonder she crashes so hard.
Just spent the afternoon painting acrylic style on the living room floor. I had to refresh myself after that so I had a nice ten minutes of drawing really ugly people with a ball point pen.
Last night I fell asleep in the Mines of Moria and dreamed of sunshine and over large smiles. "This is the start of something beautiful disguised as something really really ugly"

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