Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There's a Bridge That is Burning.

Wow. What I wouldn't give right now to be scrambling through bushes and tumbling down scree with a tall dreamy-eyed geologist. Laura, you're gonna come back with battle scars I don't even know the name for. 
Coincidentally, I ate tofu and brown rice "stew" for lunch. I have a feeling it was not home-made though. Probably because I bought it in a restaurant.  
Last night (she said) I went to a fundraiser for Kat's friend's theater company. He does this gesture acting that is basically interpretive dance instead of dialogue and scenes and all that stuff. You really have to pay attention to the movement in order to pick up on the story line. 
Sarah's new squeeze just walked in on me in the bathroom. He was pretty embarrassed. He is afraid of swimming in lakes because he doesn't know what is in them. He thinks that Vector cereal is like the best thing ever invented. 
I think I am turning all city girl compared to you two. It's freaking me out. 

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