Friday, July 22, 2011

It sounds like the piano from that one movie...

Not too much I can say, I have 15 minutes to waste before I head down to a quick marimba practice with carmanagh and rob. Some crazy lady thought it would be genius to have two marimbas play at her family reunion. Fun fact though, I agree with most of the band on this, the music doesnt sound right with anything less then four, and that being said, we have nothing that fits two marimbas. So tonight is going to be spent trying to figure something out.

I got a package from my penpal in israel yesterday. Halva (new favorite sweet) and chocolate wafers were the food item of the week. Plus this korean movie called "castaway on the moon" it's hilarious, I have it on my computer, so just the word and I can send it to you guys.

I leave you with the trailer, and the movie i have is english subtitled ;)

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