Friday, July 29, 2011

I'll Bet You Do This All The Time

Glorious weather, glorious chocolate almond milk in the cup on the counter. Not a lot to report around here. I am going to watch my friend from work's boyfriend ponce around in Hamlet style tights this evening. It's the Vic Shakespeare Fest up at Camosun en plein air.
Yesterday morning I was assured that there is plenty for art historians to do in this world by a woman that would know all about these things. It's funny how much I have lost focus over the summer, all the regular fears have been creeping in slowly. Especially after my aunt and uncle (siblings) laughed at my major before going back to wrestling on the couch. I guess it's best not to listen to the non-believers out there, since the majority of them have never been to university anyway. Anyway this woman has made my future seem brighter and to celebrate I am going over to the ol' Lansdowne Middle School to play soccer with my brother and his gang of wily engineers.
I will leave you with this image though.

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