Monday, July 18, 2011

Blonde Hair to Brown and Brown to White

let slip that  I am doing a cleanse to certain people today and they spent the next hour and a half trying to get me to eat Betty Crocker marble cake. As if.
Anyway. So far so good. Just cooked up some sockeye. Gonna eat it with a salad. Not so bad I say.
Going to see Midnight in Paris tonight. So excited. Don't know if you've seen the trailer but it looks like a helluvan adventure.
Also I've been walking to work for the past two mornings. You'd be surprised at the activity in a big city at 10 to 7 in the morning. Or maybe not, I don't know.
Anyway this morning, or today, was this girl I work with's room-mate's birthday so I spent a good ten minutes  super-gluing porn to a champagne bottle. As overseen by my boss.

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