Monday, July 25, 2011

the antidote was had

I've been sticking my nose into so many books lately. Just finished Jack Hodgins' The Invention of the World, which made me miss the rest of the Island badly. The whole thing is a hate/love rant for Vancouver Island and the weird people that live on it. It caps off with a good ol' wedding brawl, true love, ghosts, and an assemblage of oddballs. Perfect.
 I overheard this woman on the bus talking in gossipy tones about how the riots in Vancouver were not within the nature of the people who live on this coast. Reading Jack Hodgins makes me think otherwise. He is probably the expert, anyway. The afterword speaks about how many of the readers were a little taken aback by the brawl at the end and how this blah blah blah was because of the distances and the density between people on the Island. So spread out, yet friendly that you had to holler and be outrageous if you wanted to be heard. Anyway.
Gorgeous night and my heart is a beatin' steady. More later.

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