Friday, June 17, 2011

your hair is long, but not long enough to reach (but your beard someday might be)

Well. What can I say. I told myself at the end of the semester that this summer I was going to do as many free things as possible. So here I am, day after my first "tourism Victoria mixer." All of us tourist-oriented business folk get together and have drinks and make contacts etc. We rolled into the Sooke zip-line place in this limo-bus, equipped with ice, champagne glasses and a tv/sound system. We rolled out with a few extra (free) beers stuffed into our pockets, lurid smiles and a hijacked zip-line guide named Adam. (26, avalanche technician at Big White in the winter, professional zipper in the summer) I feel like this page is turning more into "Mortimer's Wild Times in the Big City" but really, maybe that's what my life is turning into. Anyway by the end of the night Adam was yelling "M! If I buy you a drink will you go kayaking with me on my next day off?!" and I agreed because when someone offers you free kayaking, you do not shake your head friend. We will see where this goes. I told him I would call him on my next day off...
Anyway tonight I am going to a free ska music thing in one of the squares (apparently the names are interchangeable?)
Also thought I would mention that when I saw the pictures from the riots in Vancouver my stomach dropped about 8 feet. Maybe I'm a big pussy but that kind of random violence scares me more than anything else in the world. Seeing pictures of the police just standing there watching this shit go down makes me wonder too. Was it really so bad that they thought that there was nothing they could do?
This picture also scares me- but in an awkward sideways grinning kind of way. Taken in the Met.
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