Thursday, June 2, 2011

" and legend told us that the north america was once supported by a giant turtle- but scientists later proved that wrong"

Mortimer, you might just be a sponge and soaked up the name dropping skills. Which is cool, some names sound alright. That Chezick girl sounds a-ma-zing.

Yesterday I went to Vancouver, and ate mediocre poutine on the way back. We played at an overcrowded venue of children running around, and acting crazy, and the fact that granville only had a one way road, made the day even more of a difficult time. We got lost (like any good group of 5 girls from the island would be in the big city) and decided against busking by the art gallery because of potential rains. Instead three voted against one, to stay witness the hustle and bustle of the canucks first game of the stanley cup final. We saw green men, we saw announcers dressed to impressed and posters of Don Cherry and how we could get pictures with him for a small fee at some hotel. I finally went to and tasted the best cheese cake in vancouver (self voted: alright) and then ended the day with 2 hours in traffic.

Tonight, I'm resting back and taking a breather and wondering the important things in life. Like if India's indians use the bulb of the fennel plant? I've never really seen it in their dishes, but the seed, used as a spice and a sweet treat (i'm currently eating sugar coated fennel seeds) are as common as the air we breath. I need an expert on this.

p.s! the picture above is of a grave in transylvania, nuts huh?

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