Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I follow my heart

just found this artist named Marcy Starz on the interweb. See the above, please.
So weird shit happening on the home front. I got Sarah a job at my work, 'cept when she showed up for the "interview" yesterday Marketa came down from a bath in one of the rooms in a towel and nothing else and Sarah was standing laughing in the kitchen while Cliff the non-stop talking boyfriend was telling her about the music biz.
Also last night while drinking raspberry ale and blues dancing at Swans I discovered that they have some of my mum's ex-husbands art hanging on the wall. And of course it happens to be really good too.
And Laura! By god! that is the coolest picture I have seen in a long time. The dinosaur party was a minor failure, except that this girl I work with came and brought her hilarious boyfriend and polenta with jerk sauce, by golly. And then all these actor types showed up, ate our pizza, then left for drunken pastures.
Anyway. Got my registration date! The super-nerd inside me is rearing her greasy string hair. Also Madeleine Dwyer (daughter of Phil, doncha know) is asleeping it off on the flour in the living room. Might go in there and casually bang some pots together. I badly need a cup of tea.

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