Thursday, May 5, 2011

I still say Maldives.

To awnser your question about the exchange thing, this alumni just emailed me earlier today, and apparently I'm going to have this half hour talk with her about prospects of the program, and what i can do to get this all together and ready. It's freaky. And this weekend should be a hoot, there's an marimba band sleepover, a four hour long fire and ice gig and then band practice on Sunday. It's going to be great. Oh and I'm helping teach lessons again tomorrow afternoon. I should get a day planner, just meant for marimba and just highlight the days I'm not doing anything connected to the instrument it self.

Anyways, when brett comes down this sunday, you should surprise him with some sort of food. For wednesday, he leaves for quebec and won't return for five weeks. Do a cake with lots of whipped cream and pineapple. Like late birthday, early goodbye. And listen to this song while doing it all :!/item/66ws/Don+Omar%2C+Gilberto+Santa+Rosa+-+Los+Hombres+Tienen+La+Culpa


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