Saturday, May 7, 2011

This is a tree I want. Morus Alba,

So that fire and Ice event happened and ended today. At the height of the festival there was thousands of people, and the people really loved the music. Mind you, I think the qualicum population are trying to get trendy, for the people of the town or some organization, arranged a flash mob, with about a hundred people to the michael jackson's hit, thriller. All I can say is that is the longest song in history. But the day went by without problems, ladies gave us free food and mothers of four year olds want us to preform @ upcoming birthday parties. The words are escaping though. Loose with the winds huh

I'm starving though right now, but I'm just torturing myself until dinner.
PS the tree above grows white mulberries. And white mulberries are widely cultivated to be the prime food for silkworms in the commercial silk industry. Who knew?

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