Sunday, May 8, 2011


Victoria: city of men running in blue jeans.
We got our upstairs baby! I can hear he/she crying early in the morning and it is strangely comforting. I said goodbye to Brett today. He is in Quebec for the next five weeks. Hoo HA!
And apparently my cousin wants to reunite with the estranged part of the family so I may be road-trippin' to Calgary in late June. That should be just lovely. Hot and cranky for the WHole family.
Not a whole lot is new in this neck of the woods. (Notice that this is the only case in life when we talk about woods having necks? ) I have an interview at a cool looking b and b tomorrow afternoon. Going to a back yard bbq this evening, maybe I will make some friends to match my "b" themed lifestyle. But seriously. This bed and breakfast is run by this Eastern-European artist with an adorable young sun and a charismatic giant dog. According to the website anyway.
Here some good old Egon Schiele. Neue Gallery, New York. Try the Viennese cafe in the basement. No photography permitted inside the gallery.

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Miles said...

Victoria: The city of ladies in scarves during the cold season. Seriously, take a look around and you'll see what I mean. At least it looks really good though