Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Then You Try To Do What You Did Before.

My stomach is rumbling. So is the whole house for that matter. They are doing laundry upstairs. This afternoon I really did consider going Somewhere and doing Something, I swear. Just I started reading. Then I started writing something out, then I started pulling yoga poses, and I didn't stop in time. I was going to go watch the Debate at Our Friends with Cable's house but things change quick. I really cannot stand Stevie Harper enough to listen to him speak, at all. Asshole.
I saw this talk that he gave a few party members not that long ago. One of them filmed it on their phone or something and sent it to the liberals and CBC. He speaks like a dictator. He said something along the lines of stamping out the socialists. If he gets back into office I will cry myself to sleep until infinity.
In other, non-political news: I got dragged out to "nineties night" last night, except we didn't get in. We stood in this line that we were not really supposed to stand in for about half an hour, listened to these really drunk guys screaming about the Black Hawks, keeping an eye on this guy who I know to be a rapist with the corner of my eye. Being bored and sober and la-dee-da. But yeah, Nick Findler was in the lineup, like three people from me. I know this because the guy standing behind me kept screaming his name a-la BBC Nature Hour marmot, and he finally turned around. Just my luck that the rapist is like 7 feet tall and Bulky. But this isn't funny. This is a man that punched his ex-girlfriend in the face and dragged her upstairs at a party to the sound of his cheering buddies. I have this on good authority.
Also looking good for getting a job at the Maltwood, starting in May. The curator said (quote) "this looks great" in reference to my cover letter.
That cranky woman with the missing cat just came by. They set up a "cat trap" in our side yard and are going to come by every 45 minutes to check it. Apparently they've seen the cat in our yard a couple of times. She asked if I could keep an eye on it. Clearly the cat does not like you, woman.

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