Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'll Explain Everything to the Geeks

Hi friends. I am in a mildly bitter but also hopeful and very very full mood, in case you were wondering. Yesterday I ran 7.5 kms, then did yoga, then climbed trees and walked around all afternoon. What did you do hmmmmmmm? Today I walked around a bit, made cookies then came over here to sit around and pretend to study. That about sums it up. I'm getting pretty good at saying I will do things, not doing them because I "have to study" and then sitting around staring at walls. I am also pretty damn good at not getting up in the morning. (Can you hear the bitter coming out?)

I suddenly got hit with this wave of lonely. I cannot study at all right now. I will be ravished by this Northwest Coast Art exam tomorrow morning. All I know is that Tsimshian masks have truncated pyramid cheeks and pointy chins, Kwakwaka'wkh masks have red rimmed eyelids. Unfortunately that combined knowledge might add up to half a question.
Seeing as I am on a random family's computer at the moment, all of their pictures are of the kids. I think the one above is especially good.

I think this may be illegal.


Miles said...

Ah, I doubt it's illegal. It's not like you're using it for profit, and since they allowed you on their computer they should be able to accept the consequences. Crab-face. Or should I say... cram face?

l.vinnedge said...

How the fuck did you run 7.5km? I am terribly jealous of your fitness level.
And for the longest time, I thought this post was titled, "I'll Explain Everything to the Greeks".