Tuesday, March 15, 2011


today I saw a man with a toque and neck tattoos driving the same kind of car my mom drives. A little image shattering. Just heard about the second earthquake in Japan- according to some, the island shifted 2 meters as a result... can you believe this?
I had strange end of the world dreams last night, combined with strange family tragedy dreams which ended as my ipod alarm went off- 4am. It's still set for 7 New York time. I only remember this when I am awake for it to go off.
There is considerable wildlife living in the eaves of this house. I feel like sleeping beauty in the disney movie, where she lives in a tree surrounded by the wonders of the forest. Except I live in a falling down 100 year old house with remnants of weed plants in the attic and mail that does not arrive when I want it to.

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