Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is a gross picture. But I love it, It reminds me of "spirited away", and the lovely piggies parents who are chowing away at the sight of all the food, in the invisible, but slowly appearing at the sight of nightfall, party-village ( for lack of words). It's neat though.

Last night though, I'm glad you came over, we had a fun night though. And mortimer, I'm glad you liked the tomato sauce - there was cinnamon, the rest of the white wine, lots of garlic, thyme and a nub of butter.

The sky right now is an amazing blue, and i'm trying to drink down some water, my head is twisting up. The last gilmore girls disk is on, and after, I'm going to head downtown, look for amazing candies, that represent Canada ( and a job on the side...). So far, I'm only thinking of Salt Water taffys, and those maple candies. Maybe that can be enough until I can send him a next one. Maybe I can then get off to coombs, and send him some amazing sweets. I wonder how long fudge can last in the mail? I wonder-er-er-er-er-er.

Here, have a song :!/item/19t7m/The+Knocks+-+Dancing+With+The+Dj+Campfire+Acoustic+Version+

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