Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the Fast Track Cull-de-Sac

So I have a quick funny story from my day: today I lent this girl in the Mac Cafe $0.25 to put milk and sugar in her coffee- because apparently now it costs money. The manager there is a cross between Albrecht Durer (the perfectionist) and Hitler (the Nazi)--> side note: wouldn't it be unfortunate to have the last name Hitler? Like as a distant confused descendant of the Man?
Anyway this guy was like "I usually turn a blind eye, but..."
And I was like "Here."
And She was like "oh thanks so much, maybe I will see you around on campus or something...."
And so this evening I was in core yoga (big mistake, my legs are still feeling it) and while trying to keep my balance while simultaneously squatting, stretching and falling sideways I glanced in the mirror and there is the girl, in the back of the class, perfect form. And later she hands me the mat cleaner without a second glance, making real brief eye contact. Funny how I remember her but she doesn't remember me, and here I was feeling all proud and good about my money sharing.


Miles said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure the last actual Hitler (a cousin or something) made sure he died without progeny, making the name die out as well. That, and anyone who was actually named Hitler would be a fool to keep the name (paging Mr. Hitler to the office, Mr. Hitler, you're wanted in the office. Something about a raging horde)

Emma & Sarah said...