Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what controls the tide

The title was just in the saved memory, so I used it.

Today has been a long, but living long day. Went to bed late, woke up early, fixed the internet, ate an apple and chocolate bar, watched the lovebirds make bagels, eat them, dance, watch the snow fall numerous times, nothing ever sticking and talking a special german boy.
Now i'm just bored shitless and wondering... what is there to do next? I could clean.
...............OH MORTIMER GUESS WHAT. last night i got the most exciting text of my life, from k-town in l-town saying, while on her flight over the lands to nova scotia, there was a man on the plane. A man known as Mr. Joel Plaskett... guess who will have a signatune signature, (just joking, it's really just an plain old signature) in the mail, at her house? in the coming never specifide weeks? Moi hoi.
How's new york going? Did you take your phone? I can't remember if you did.
Either case, have some music you don't really enjoy, hope you brought all your hipster clothes.
I hear it's cold. BEST TIME TO SHOW IT OFF.

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