Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pleasure spiked with Pain

Just wrote 800 words in under an hour. No need to applaud. Also wrote a postcard, a letter,three long emails, scattered in-class notes and one or two comments on Facebook. My little fingers are exhausted.
Laura I have both of those varieties of maps. You can have to one of the world, I plan on keeping my Canada one though. You may look at it if you wish.
Just watched 'Earth' by Deepa Mehta in my diasporic film class. That movie made me so tense I am still pulling yoga stretch moves to help my shoulders out. I cannot even believe this world we live in sometimes.
Had a meeting about New York today, can you say 4 days? Told two people where I was going, one of them gushed the other one looked down his nose at me and told me he marks student's papers in NY all the time, I should have no problem writing my paper. HA.

Also picked up a copy of the local undergraduate review this afternoon. Some of that prose made me gag. I hate to be a snob, but if I can't grasp what you mean in the first paragraph, I'm not going to make an effort. Also on the topic of being a snob: the painting at the top is by Emily Carr. She was born in a snowstorm in 1871 about 20 minutes walking from where I am sitting right now. She did the painting 3 years before she died, when she was making the craziest collapsed-foreground, chaotic swirl paintings. I guess she got sick of doing things like she was told to do things. Who can blame her?

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