Sunday, February 13, 2011

he's not perfect he's my hero

I went to a club last night. This is not something I do often, believe you me. And so, trying to avoid eye contact with the boy who has his hands on my body, moving in slow circles in the sweet smoke machine liquor-sweat buzz of the underground dance floor, we danced. And I have to say right now I had a very good time. Mostly because I don't do it often and I was laughing at myself and everyone else there for most of it. Honestly if you forget about the creepy dudes wandering through the crowd looking for the girls wearing the least clothes, and you ignore how sticky the floor around the bar is and how devastatingly drunk most of the crowd is you can have a damn good time anywhere, I say. Met this guy with a really soft wool sweater from Norway, cock blocked this guy at least four times wh0 was trying to get at Jossy, went to a pretentious art show and laughed drunkenly at the bad poetry and paintings.

Either way, now I am a sticky mess and I have to try and get some things done. wish me luck getting out of bed

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