Monday, February 7, 2011

Gettin' crazy with the Cheeze Whiz

Yo. I'm exactly 162 words into an 800-word book review that's due tomorrow at midnight, and I should have started it at least a week ago. Why do I do this? And why am I further inconveniencing myself by typing up a blog post rather than another hundred words or so on the civil war? Schoolwork has just exploded lately, what with midterms and essays and all that fun stuff. Arghargharghargh.

Um. Yeah. Bad news on the sled-dogging front. I got a call this afternoon from Eric at Revelstoke Dogsledding Adventures. Since the media have been devouring that terrible story about sled dogs in Whistler, his bookings have fallen to zero. Which is not so great, since he has a tiny kennel of 16 older dogs and has really been trying to make a go of his operation. But it also means that he may have time to bring my old dogs up to the race at home, which means that I will have a reunion with my pals. And another friend of mine is running this huge 1000-mile race and his team has contracted a virus. Intense, huh?

Think of me while you guys are partyin' it up tonight. And on a Monday, no less.

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