Friday, February 4, 2011

Broadway Duchesse, Darling if You Only Knew Half the Things Everyone Thinks You Do

Just ate, upstairs neighbours are arguing. It's weird without you here Shark. I think you should come back asap.
My French prof put me on the spot again today. And he called me Emily, which is not my name. And being too flustered to correct him because I wasn't really sure what kind of an answer he wanted based on the vague airy fairy question. I was pissed, to be sure. It's weird, I think I have had one conversation so far today, besides basic hi/bye/how-are-yous and thumbs clicking pads on phones. After a day void of speech ones voice gets all weak and watery and you can't even thank the bus driver without sounding like a sad little bird. Sarah left at like 7, determined that she was going to walk to school. And she isn't back yet since her dad has taken her out for birthday pie. If everything goes according to plan I will be spendin my birthday this year in a tent in the Yukon. Sent in my cover letter today. and my resumé. It's funny that the word resume is French, but the French word for resume is latin (curriclum vitae). Actually I think the Brits say CV too?
Look at me on a rampage. Just finished one of the written assignments out of the ten I am behind on. I hate hate hate cummilative projects. I also hate everything except folk music right now. And this mashup of Blondie and the Arcade Fire from You should check it out, if you want to.

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