Saturday, February 12, 2011

Applied to be an Au pair today. Mostly because, there could be some cool opportunity that could pop up, and also, just to see what i could get from it.

This lady also contacted me, after me posting an 'want' for an apprenticeship for an bakery, and she invited me to help her start up a baking aspect on her small organic farm. I way like, way too cool man.

I'm making bread right now, and my hands smell like yeast.
This week was my birthday, and I'm now 20 years old.
I got an architectural magazine from my friend Mortimer, with a note that is now sticking on the fridge. The Magazine is now under my pillow, but mostly because that just seemed like the most obvious spot to put it while i was cleaning up room today.

Not much more to say I guess. I've been thinking about mango chutney and I'm listening to this song that has " bow chicka" in the title. That is basically the sum of my night. Oh, and I can also hear the wind through the not-perfectly sealed windows.
Too bad blogspot doesn't have a drawing-in-blog tool, because if it did, I would be drawing you the wind right now.

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