Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And I took you home when you drunk too much

My rabbit had her foot stuck deep inside her ear and is now vigorously licking her toes. Gross. She got stuck behind the dresser yesterday and I was laughing too hard to help get her fat little body out of its predicament. So much for being a caring pet owner.

It's funny. After spending quite a bit of time at home (more than usual, anyway) and buying a few groceries, I feel tons better. The recent sunshine has helped a lot too, I think. Maybe it's true that having a concrete place to call your own helps ground you, makes you a happier person. Hmmm.

Yes, I would be interested in going to see Aiden Knight, as long as the tickets aren't astronomically expensive and as long as he isn't one of those fancy alternative artists. Ems, I also think that we should bite the bullet and talk to your "brother" one of these days. He could be madly in love with your flaming locks and we would never know because he's too shy to speak up. Whaddaya think o' that?

And can I just state, for the record n' all, that I plan on showing up for class tomorrow on time. No longer will I be That Girl.

Sarah, I hear that you also have a birthday coming up! This is exciting news! A celebration, yes?

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