Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life can be good sometimes

That was my day today.

Ohmygoodness. This morning I awoke to find a massive bump on my head and these crazy bruises all over my arm. I also slept in at least three different places last night (all unoccupied, don't worry) because "nowhere was comfortable enough". I won't say that there are gaps in my memory, but parts of it are definitely fuzzy. Ok, almost non-existent. Dammmnn.

Otherwise, there was lots of tea and a mushroom and cheese omelet for lunch. TB made these absolutely disgusting breaded jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese. Actually, maybe they were good, but spicy foods and I just don't get along. And I napped and read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and wondered how much of the book was based on actual fact. I mean, if there was a murdered man in your research facility, the first person to call would probably not be a symbologist. And it was kind of funny, because the book stresses all of these high-powered technological gadgets, but they still referred to using cassette players in the cars.

The aforementioned boarding school friend finally made it back to the house around two this afternoon with nothing but a jug of milk and a huge smile. Fairly hilarious.

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