Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I could do this print without a doubt. Maybe i'll try tomorrow.

I'm just thinking I could most likely do this print with a potato. Carve each piece of the print from a potato, and go from there.

I've just discovered this guy called "Amos Lee" and have around, 30 songs on a playlist going right now. I'm pretty sure him and Corinne (b.r) would be one of the perfect matches of romantic stories of this century if the gods would allow that.
I'm thinking, they could meet in Russia, on a snowy snowy morning, complaining about the lack of english, her with the accent and him without. All dressed very sharp, wool, black jackets and fuzzy scarves. A witty conversation erupts, *explosion, and RA BAM! True love! Even though, technically, I think Corinne might not be looking for that right now, maybe true love isn't suppose to be in her books right now. I know for sure, that this will be a waste of a prayer if one like myself would ever really come down to that. But still, maybe if the gods are reading this, maybe they will give the two a break.

Here, for tonight, i'll leave you with this ridiculous article : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/25/miriam-smith-killed-dog-f_n_813583.html

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