Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Babies Look the Same, We Still Give Them Different Names

so today the Men put this faux stone tarpy thing over the front and back deck. Man next thing you know we'll have pink stucco and kitschy brown furniture.

Shark, you are in the kitchen blowing Born Ruffians and "looking for a job." I am supposed to be printing off some homework articles that I am supposed to be ready to discuss first thing Thursday. Joy.

I feel weird. I am going to New York in... a month tomorrow? Last night we made pancakes drizzled with aunt jamima's and Jack Daniel's whiskey, according to some recipe that the birthday girl found on youtube. Actually not as bad as it sounds. Actually kind of good if you like your food to provide a burning sensation to your throat. And our "friend" Laura took a video of me choking on a shot of whiskey that went down the wrong tube, and apparently it is the funniest thing she has ever seen bcause by now I'm sure her great aunt in Nova Scotia has seen it. Thanks a whole lot.

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