Sunday, December 26, 2010

That's a pretty dignified road to starvation

Hey, y'all. Hope that your boxing day vacations have been as loverly as mine has been. Woke up this morning, travelled to a snowy lake, went skiing, got totally bogged down in slush, hitched a ride on a snowmachine, sat by a campfire, strapped on a pair of defective snowshoes, stumbled around on an island, took pictures, ate sausage and moose meat, went back home. Nice. The lake was frozen and covered with low-lying fog. The sun must have been out higher above, however, because the day was infused with a soft golden light and quite warm. Also at the lake was a young couple from Chilliwack who are crazy smart and talented. I have known the guy forever; I was actually his candlebearer way back when. I can't remember many of his accomplishments, but he can build anything, fix anything, and I believe he is designing a cooling system for the medical isotope reactors. She is working towards a Masters in Biology, makes her own cheese, skis really well and is beautiful. I want to be both of them when I grow up.

The picture at the top always makes me laugh. Hope that your holidays are treating you well and that you are consuming vast amounts of delicious food with slightly exasperating, though lovable, family members.

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