Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let's just change this guy to have an afro, and playing some a banjo or something and i'd do him.

This morning has been funny, and also has been slow. The power was out until ten-ish, and before that, I woke up to crashing waves and a harsh wind, blowing through the tiny bits of the house. I got dressed and went down to the beach with my dad, we enjoyed it there. The sky was clear and blue. The islands opposite have snow, and you could see the harbor is all its pride and glory. The sun was shining off of tiny bits of everything. The wind was there, in a strong presence, blowing the sea foam off in all directions, and the waves were crashing with the whites still connected. It was crazy nice.

We should still give blood today or tomorrow, doesn't really matter to me. I just think it would be a nice thing to do.

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