Friday, June 4, 2010

I still think smoking is gross. And i was reminded of that last night, while watching American history x, and the Inuit man staying with us, reaked of it. And I'm like " Hey..I just don't like this".
Rain is something i wish would come here, it looks like its going to rain today, but i bet god knows it won't and that will be that. I miss the lush green of the island and people who i love. But its alright, because i'm 400 and something km from the arctic circle. Oh and they killed a bear here yesterday, a four year old black bear, i didn't actually see it go down, but a fat bus driver told us.

I think im going to go to the library after work and find a dvd and book to take out. And i also want to learn to make dish clothes. Maybe you can teach me? Maybe you can show me?

One day defiantly. I am so bored right now. Work today, and where i am still at, is just a bleh, i'm stuck here for another hour and being shoeless (they are on the other end of the room) is just not helping the time going faster. So i'm listening to hypem, drawing pictures, copying vegan recipes and wonder if it really would be that hard to learn piano. I guess it wouldnt be, i just need a constant instrument to be there, so even in the late hours of the night, it's there, waiting for me to practice and create. I jealous that you have taken piano lessons.

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