Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Once, We Were Monsters

hey pretty-face.

Sorry, I've been all over BC and Alberta, it feels like, and none of the places had internet stuff (you know, computers?) except for my aunts house and we were there for dinner so it would have been rude to sit there blogging while she danced around in her shark costume (no joke- you two are probably soul mates. She rented this plush shark suit complete with fins to bother her brother in law, my family's messed)

So as I drove from one destination to another I kept getting these great ideas for profound things to write about, and now I am stuck with zilch.

-We almost hit an elk on the Coquihalla... it was hanging out in the middle of the road giving my dad/chauffeur serious stink eye while he was destracted by the other wildlife.

-I counted the sex shops in Calgary, there was something like 6 in the areas that I drove through alone, and one weed related place. I guess the winters are long

- My uncle does this thing that whenever he is making reservations he gives the restaurant a hilarious fake name so that if people he is eating with shows up at different times they have to call him to see what the pseudonym of the night is. This time it was Phillip, not his best.

- There is a houseboat colony in the harbour of Victoria right now. Can you imagine? floating carelessly from port to port. I guess it works better on a lake though

- I agree with the pj/club idea. Why shouldn't you go to a club dressed in your most comfortable. Lets do it

- Also, I will send you some Joe Plastic :) and some other goodies next week.

Love and hugs

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