Saturday, May 1, 2010

I just had string cheese, and lamb balls with herbs and nuts(kafta), with a cucumber salad on the side (life is good).

Today was a pretty intense today, got a bottle of orange blossom water as a present, climbed a mountain, ran down it in the snow and pouring rain (remember the scene in the garden state, where at the end, it was hella rainy and they were yelling into nothing? Something like, but yelling our conversation back and forth and, lets not forget, in french.) and then had some beaver tails as a ends day. Quebeeeeec.

So i end billeting tomorrow, time went by fast, ill show you some pictures eventually, i learnt alot about Lebanese food, and got some recipes too. I'm going to miss cedric and line, best people to billet with, and everything went surprisenly super fast.

Im pooped right now, my calves are burning with energy and my bed is wet where my soking wet backpack is sitting.

Tommorow i am back to the shit bed.

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