Friday, May 14, 2010

I got the shakes that I just can't shook

So Parksville life as resulted in nothing more than sleeping in to rediculous times and listening to music- all day. But today will be better, I swear. I am going to bike into Parksville, in an hour maybe, and go to the library I think. And the post office. Talk about exciting life, eh? No responsibilities whatsoever puts Mort in a very bad mood. I think I need someone to tell me to do stuff in order to live properly. Or at least goals.

The upside of this week is that my mother bought ginger ice cream to celebrate the fact that I got a job, which I am putting back with my right hand as I type this with my left. Skillssssss.

Bleh. Shoulda kept in touch with the home-town kids.

BUT. I am going out tonight with none other than Olivia Blondal, in the flesh. So it will at least be a good weekend

Listen to me. Whiner/Weiner

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