Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey there baby girl.
Had my first day of work here today, i work at this place called Ecology North. My boss is this guy called Doug, and he has the same last name as you. And it turns out, being a vegan isnt so bad. I had soy milk in my cereal for breaky and soy cheese in my wrap at lunch. But it isnt the same as real cheese.

The local coffee shop here, which i guess i could compare to the brimm in theory, but imagine it a bit newer, and a bit filled to the edge with lovely boys? Especially ones with funny, but adds to their goodlookingness mustaches. Lovely huh? Went for a cool hike yesterday too. Man,its so nice, i only work at my placement for five weeks, the two other weeks im here im house manger (charlotte and olivier) and one of the weekends im camping, and one of the weekends its the 48, meaning i can do the hell i want. Soo, things are going to be very cool and fast here. Its definatly a neat place to be here in yellowknife.

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