Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mortimer, Mortimer Mortimer... As I write this right now, I am the head honcho of the office I am sitting in. A french office to make it more impressive to the fact. How was having brett over- hope it was awesome as usual. Talked to zoola the other night, we talked bits and bobs and boys and how much the distance is taking a toll on our relationship (not.) but yeah, it was nice.

I have this random book in front of me, it`s called, The Geography of Hunger, which kindof ties in to this other random book i was reading about africa (small blue book, published in 1967 maybe) which they call the black continiant, which is generalizing i guess, and this book was published in 1952, which doesnt make it anymore better at modernizing the facts, but still you get the basics of what was going on.

But the reason im just bringing it up, is because, right at the bigginging of the book (page four to be exact) there was this line that got to me- `like sex, hunger was shameful, indecent, unclean. It was made unrtouchable, taboo.> Which is kindof obvious, even in todays world, where it just comes down to the base line of not having the means to support youself and or being unable to provide for you and most likely the rest of your family. Which sucks evidently, because that`s basically of of your soul reasons your on this earth, to live and to live you need to feed yourself. After thats comes into all the little things, for example, how you are going to do that, make money, okay, get a impressive job, gotta go to school for that, man oh man, this is getting exciting, maybe ill read a book on this, so i can get to that.

See. But yeah, i just liked that line and wanted to share it with you.

Hope university is treating you tightly, tell me when you are back home, so i can start mailing letters there.

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