Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lame.. Tell brett i said hi next time you talk to him (i guess). Right now i'm in a overly comfortable bed in the house of my francophone french family. Mortimer, i was thinking in french earlier (and it's only day 2). We went to Jean-Talon market today, and it was packed to the nines with people and people. We bought all sorts of stuff, i went to spice markets and italian grocery stores. We then had a bbq ands they gave me really good beer and i had the best olives of my life (and i hate olives) and theses weird bean things and it was really hot out today. Basically, you should just come to montreal and i'll show you theses places.

I want to attempt and draw-copy that owl you posted there, it seems pretty cute and i've been doing shit like that lately for the hell of it (for example, when i was running the office at work and they wanted me to to man phones, and i ended up drawing birds off the internet/etsy).

Oh yeah, had lebanese coffee today, that was really nice. When you and i are going to live toghther one day, we re going to drink that and listen to joel plaskett and other men and motown and the random intense jazz bit. Can't wait, cant you?

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