Monday, January 18, 2010


High fives all around... unless this is the number of times this page has been visited ever? In which case at least half of that number is me. So you will be happy to know that I have escaped the fetal position and have had probably the best Monday I have had. Ever.

Starting of course with my decision to skip French class because for one thing it is in a computer lab in the basement- which in itself is a crime- and for another because it was sunny for the first time. Ever. So instead of going to write French stuff in the Clerihue dungeon, I went into town and bought apricot tea from a famous tea shop and wandered through limp rose gardens. Next I went to find out how much I owe for tuition and Guess What! The answer is nothing! If that doesn't just make you jump out of your seat with joy, I frankly do not understand you people. Other good news: I joined the English Union for Nerds Like Me (coincidently listening to Wolf Like Me- har) aaand I get to go watch a nice looking flamenco guitarist Saturday night with none other than Mommy-dearest.

Shark I do not understand your root fetish- but I guess everyone needs a hobby

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