Friday, December 4, 2009

Maybe you should DEFINATLY ask the girl who you don't know the name of for some art gallery fun (or even better, a boy? Nawwwwwwww, let us (lettus) not get alot ahead of our selves, plus you'll need a constant female figure (Zoola doesnt' seem to exist in that manner to yo) in your life while i'm gone for six months), Think of the long run!

In existing news, I'm making a Gingerbread house today, plus i got a paycheck (yes! an actual check, not cash, meaning i'm on the books, and i'm better then the other girl who joined the team at the exact same time as me, but i'm the one they chose to put on the books). Also, i'm picking up my little brother from school today, to take out for food, and then to go watch the town light up (5pm) and to watch a christmas parade (6pm). How exciting is that.

Also, whats also really exciting in my life, is that i get to travel to vancouver to see a christmas parade (yes! another one!) my two best and favorite friends (yes! mortimer and zoola) and a boy i like (just plain yes!).

But on a slight change of mood, i'm going to complain about how weirdly hard it is to find a god gingerbread recipe online, like something that looks convincing and constant, everything just looks plainly iffy.

I learnt how to play a bit of "Carol of the bells" on Marimba.

Daily goals which wont get done:
1- Make soap
2- Sew toghther a stuffed elephant (i dont even know why... i was just thinking of how cool it would be to do smething like that)
3- Find christmas lights (because my mom didnt ...)

How many times did i use the word yes!? 4

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