Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey, thought it was about time I write something on here since the last post was over a month ago. Also I just finished a five page paper so I'm all jittery on access stress. Phewf.
It is raining like a mofo outside, about time too. It's been earily dry. All the Calgary kids are probably in a feotal position in there beds. No chapped lips here though.
I've been reading this field study about the Maisin people of Papua New Guinea and learning all this crazy semi- interesting thngs... for example: Papua New Guinea is about the size of half of BC and there are 700 different languages. One per people I guess.
The girl down the hall is doing scales (is that what its called?) with her voice. hee hee hee HEE hee hee hee. Kind of hilarious and annoying at the same time. How did I end up the floor with all the talented people?!
What I am listening too: web radio of CBC radio 3, you should all go vote for the Bucky Awards... excellent stuff. (that means you Shark. Du it)

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