Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guess i should explain things

SEe that cake on the bottom post? Yes you do, well, when i saw that picture, i imediatly fell in love with it.

Seriously, i did. And in a weird way, it is sort of a girly cake, but i don't care, i'm still making it for my dads and brothers birthday on the second of november. It just amazing.

So... How am i today? Still in my pajamas, getting levi ready for school, because he somehow convinced my mother that he was sick and my mom compremised that he would walk up to school at noon.

Fair enough, whatever.

He's complaning that he has nothing to wrap his sandwhich up with and that some ate all the apples.

As for me... I'm just bleh right now. Kindof happy i learnt this new part in marimba practice, well the whole part with jocelyn, and the first sounds really cool.

I'm thinking, eventually, maybe i'd want to take marimba lessons and make this serious and learn to read music and the whole nine yards. but until then.. i guess i'll just make gulab jamun...
Indian sweets basically. See picture? Don't they look amazing? Oh yes they do.
and finish painting the sign and helping my mom pack up so we can move eventually.

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