Friday, July 10, 2009

Lost doctors papers and freaking out about life (AHH THEY WONT ACCEPT ME@@@ I DONT WANT TO LIVE IN POVERTY!!!!! MOM HELP ME FIND MY PAPERS!!)... That has been my life for the past 15 hours. I now think back and say wow.
On a lighter note... i think this post should be something more, so as always, i just went to to see if i could find anything...something to spruce this thing up. And this is what i found...
This art here reminded me of when Anita, pulled me aside to show me a dozen or so piece of art of what she found when she was in montreal at the art gallery, and she thought i would like to see them (which i thought was so sweet and "aww, really" type of thing. * tips to future husbands... this would be a good move on your part. Anyways. So this piece right here, reminded me of another... A piece by Paul Rebeyrolle
Looks nice right? I don't know.. i just had a connecting moment right there and thought i should share it on this blog no one really writes on anymore.
I really like this song:

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